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......@@ -55,16 +55,19 @@ time of writing (2018-12-09), so an external display is highly recommended.
.. figure:: images/dev-board-sockets-buttons-switches.png
:scale: 50%
:alt: Port side, in order: 4-pole 3.5mm CTIA audio socket, RJ45 Ethernet
:alt: Port side, in order: 3.5mm audio socket, RJ45 Ethernet
socket, mini HDMI socket, USB C socket, micro SD card socket.
Kill switch side, in order: reset button, boot mode switch, camera
kill switch, cellular kill switch, Wi-Fi kill switch.
+ microphone kill switch, cellular kill switch, Wi-Fi kill switch.
Button side, in order: smart card socket, volume down button, volume
up button, power button, micro SIM card socket.
The positions and types of sockets, push buttons and switches (click
to enlarge)
See :ref:`hardware_reference` for information about the specific parts used
for the sockets, buttons and switches.
.. _devkit_test_run:
Test Run
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