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Expand the documentation about reading the keyfile

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......@@ -101,10 +101,15 @@ The application uses a data file to record the user's best score so that the nex
.. literalinclude:: ../app/src/
:language: python3
:start-at: Read the lowest number
:end-at: self.rows
:start-after: Read the lowest number
:end-at: self.update_lowest_turns_label()
A default value of zero turns is used if the data file could not be read. This is a special value that we later use to allow the user's first score to be recorded.
A default value of zero turns is recorded. This value is handled specially.
.. literalinclude:: ../app/src/
:language: python3
:start-at: self.cells = {}
:end-at: self.rows
The final few lines of the method initialize attributes that keep track of the widgets that will be placed in the window's main area.
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