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......@@ -46,11 +46,12 @@ application::
This allows us to access debugging symbols in the sandbox.
.. _building_flatpaks_debugging_shell:
Running a Debug Shell
A debugging environment can
be created by starting a shell inside the sandbox::
A debugging environment can be created by starting a shell inside the sandbox::
flatpak run --devel --command=bash sm.puri.Handy.Example
.. _building_flatpaks_translations:
Using and Testing Translations
.. contents::
Applications that provide translations for different languages will be build with an additional ``.Local`` runtime extension that contains the files the application will use to display text in the user's language. As with :ref:`debug information <building_flatpaks_debugging>`, this cannot be exported as a binary bundle in the same way as for application flatpaks themselves, so we first need to find another way to install it.
Installing the Locale Package
In :ref:`building_flatpaks_installing_local`, we installed an application from
a local repository by adding its repository to those registered with Flatpak on
the system::
flatpak remote-add --no-gpg-verify my-local-repo myrepo
Once this repository has been added with the ``my-local-repo`` remote, we can
list its contents::
flatpak remote-ls my-local-repo -a
The ``-a`` option ensures that the debug runtime extension is also listed. For
the :ref:`examples_Files_Pictures` example, the above command produces this
Description Application Version Branch master master master
We install both the application and the locale runtime extension from the repository::
flatpak install my-local-repo
We can now test the application using the locales for which we have translations available.
.. TODO: It seems that you need to explicitly install the .Locale extension. Otherwise, the translations aren't installed properly.
Testing Translations
One way to test the translation of an application into a language is to run it from the command line, specifying the language to use with the ``LANGUAGE`` environment variable.
For example, the :ref:`examples_Files_Pictures` example can be run in the following way::
LANGUAGE=nb flatpak run
The window title should be shown in Norwegian Bokmål instead of the default English.
.. figure:: images/translated-pictures-app.png
:scale: 50%
:align: center
:alt: A screenshot of the translated Pictures application
A screenshot of the translated Pictures application
If a ``.Locale`` extension is installed but the specified translation is not used by the application, it can be useful to :ref:`run a debug shell <building_flatpaks_debugging_shell>` inside the sandbox and check whether the relevant translation files are installed within.
For example, we can inspect the translation files for the Pictures example by first starting the shell::
flatpak run --devel --command=bash
At the debug prompt, look for the translation files within the ``/app`` directory::
[📦 ~]$ ls /app/share/locale/*
If either ``en_GB`` or ``nb`` are not directories then the translation files have not been installed properly.
.. include:: /links.txt
......@@ -16,4 +16,5 @@ cross-building applications for deployment on the Librem 5.
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