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Reflashing the phone: Update the command to flash a new image

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......@@ -120,11 +120,11 @@ First, check that everything is ready:
* Check that the ``librem5-devkit-tools`` directory is the current directory.
* The current directory should contain a ``files`` directory containing the ``librem5.img`` and ``u-boot-librem5.imx`` files.
Run the ``uuu`` tool to process the ``uuu_scripts/flash_librem5.lst`` script:
Run the following script to run ``uuu`` and flash the files in the directory ``files``:
.. code:: bash
$ uuu uuu_scripts/flash_librem5.lst
$ ./scripts/flash-image --board [librem5r2 | librem5r3 | devkit ] --dir files
Successful output will look something like this::
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