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Start a guide to sandbox permissions

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"app-id": "com.example.some_example",
"runtime": "org.gnome.Platform",
"runtime-version": "3.32",
"sdk": "org.gnome.Sdk",
"command": "my-program",
"finish-args": [
Sandbox Permissions
When applications are distributed as flatpaks they need permission to access
certain features on the phone. This is done by requesting permissions in the
Flatpak manifest file. The table below shows which permissions correspond to
which features.
.. |br| raw:: html
<br />
======================================= ================================================
Feature Flatpak Permissions
======================================= ================================================
Display a graphical user interface. ``--socket=wayland``
Access the Internet using sockets. ``--share=network``
Access settings (GNOME applications) ``--filesystem=~/.config/dconf:ro`` |br|
``--talk-name=ca.desrt.dconf`` |br|
======================================= ================================================
Asking for Permission
The permissions required by an application are included in the ``finish-args``
entry of its manifest. The following example shows the first part of a manifest
for an application that uses the display and maintains user-specific settings:
.. literalinclude:: _files/example.json
:language: json
A more detailed description of permissions is given in the `Flatpak Sandbox
Permissions`_ section of the Flatpak documentation.
.. include:: /links.txt
......@@ -11,6 +11,7 @@ to encounter. We aim to add more guides to this collection over time.
:maxdepth: 1
......@@ -12,6 +12,7 @@
.. _`Flatpak Building Introduction`:
.. _`Flatpak debugging documentation`:
.. _`Flatpak documentation`:
.. _`Flatpak Sandbox Permissions`:
.. _`Gio.GApplication documentation`:
.. _`git-buildpackage`:
.. _`Glade`:
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