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Add a picture, update use of templates to take changes into account

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.. |main-file| replace:: ````
.. |executable| replace:: ``pictures``
.. |desktop-entry-in| replace:: ````
.. |desktop-entry| replace:: ````
.. |desktop-entry-ref| replace:: desktop entry file
.. |svg-file| replace:: ````
.. include:: /Apps/Examples/common/Building_the_App.txt
......@@ -46,6 +46,13 @@ In the ``do_activate`` method we set up the user interface, using a helper class
The leaflet in the main area holds two pages: one with a list of thumbnails, the other with a simple image viewer.
.. figure:: images/pages.png
:scale: 50%
:align: center
:alt: The two pages of the application side by side
The two pages of the application side by side
For the first page we use a `Gtk.ScrolledWindow`_ widget to provide a scrolling list of thumbnails. The thumbnails are held by a `Gtk.ListStore`_ object that we create, specifying the data types it holds: a ``Pixbuf`` and a string that holds the file name of the image:
.. literalinclude:: app/src/
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