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Make room for Squeekboard in the software reference

See merge request Librem5/!381
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......@@ -42,13 +42,15 @@ D-Bus APIs provided by the Phone Shell (:ref:`phosh`):
authentication dialogs (used by e.g. gnupg's pinentry, SIM card pin
entry, etc.)
.. _api_docs_keyboard:
On-Screen Keyboard
The visibility of the on-screen (virtual) keyboard can be controlled using its
D-Bus API, exposed on the session bus as the ``sm.puri.OSK0`` service, on the
``/sm/puri/OSK0`` object path, with the ``sm.puri.OSK0`` interface, as
described in the `Squeekboard`_ documentation.
described in the `Squeekboard guide <squeekboard_hacking_>`_.
This interface provides the following property:
......@@ -59,6 +61,8 @@ This can be read and changed with the following methods:
* ``GetVisible(out b visible)``
* ``SetVisible(in b visible)``
.. _squeekboard_hacking:
Mobile Widgets
* The `libhandy documentation`_ is a reference manual for the adaptive widgets
......@@ -13,5 +13,6 @@ and uses a custom Wayland compositor called Phoc_.
.. toctree::
.. include:: /links.txt
.. index:: Installing phosh
Installing Phosh for Development
Phosh runs on the development images by default. If you want to hack on it, you
need to build it from source, obtained from the `Phosh repository`_. You will
Squeekboard is a virtual, on-screen keyboard for environments based on `Wayland`_, built primarily for the Librem 5 phone.
.. contents::
Developer Documentation
The `Squeekboard documentation`_ can be found on the Purism developer documentation site. This includes a `tutorial`_ for creating new keyboard layouts.
The keyboard also provides a :ref:`D-Bus API <api_docs_keyboard>` that other applications and environments can use to interact with it.
User Documentation
The `virtual keyboard user guide`_ in the `Librem 5 user guide`_ describes how the keyboard is used within the :ref:`phosh` shell.
.. include:: /links.txt
.. _`tutorial`:
.. _`virtual keyboard user guide`:
......@@ -119,6 +119,7 @@
.. _`Librem 5 developer documentation repository`:
.. _`Librem 5 examples project`:
.. _`Librem 5 scratch apt repository`:
.. _`Librem 5 user guide`:
.. _`librem5-devkit-tools`:
.. _`linux-emcraft repository`:
.. _`linux-emcraft issue 2`:
......@@ -160,6 +161,7 @@
.. _`Scalable Vector Graphics`:
.. _`Sidebar lists`:
.. _`Squeekboard`:
.. _`Squeekboard documentation`:
.. _`U-Boot Librem 5 Builds`:
.. _`Using GtkApplication`:
.. _`Using GSettings`:
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