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Audio and Haptic Feedback
Use of sounds and haptic feedback within the Phosh environment is controlled by the feedback service.
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The feedback service is implemented using the ``libfeedback`` library and the ``feedback`` daemon. The source code for these components can be found in the `feedbackd`_ repository.
Developer Documentation
The `feedbackd documentation`_ describes how the ``libfeedback`` library can be used in applications. It describes the API for C applications and for languages using GObject introspection.
The daemon also provides a D-Bus API that an application can access from within a Flatpak sandbox, assuming that the application has requested the appropriate permission. See the `feedbackd D-Bus interface`_ documentation for information about how to interact with it.
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.. _`Desktop Entry`:
.. _` issues`:
.. _`EmCraft i.MX 8M SoM`:
.. _`feedbackd`:
.. _`feedbackd documentation`:
.. _`feedbackd D-Bus interface`:
.. _`Flatpak`:
.. _`Flatpak Builder documentation`:
.. _`Flatpak Building Introduction`:
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