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Setting up the Phone Setting up the Phone
==================== ====================
.. note:: This section is subject to updates and revisions prior to the phone's .. note:: This section is subject to updates and revisions.
This section should describe the steps needed to set up the Librem 5 phone for This section describes the steps needed to set up the Librem 5 phone for application development. For troubleshooting advice, see the :ref:`librem_5_troubleshooting` section.
application development. This includes any preparations related to the
hardware, such as connecting USB cables and ensuring that the phone is powered.
Software Software
-------- --------
.. _librem_5_troubleshooting:
This section provides information for developers who need to investigate a problem with a Librem 5 phone and want to diagnose it. It contains some useful starting points for investigation and instructions for performing tasks that may be needed to help with testing.
.. toctree::
Reflashing the Phone
To erase the existing image on the internal eMMC and install a new image, you need to download the appropriate version of the ``uuu`` tool and related scripts.
Download the `librem5-devkit-tools`_
Reinstalling Core Applications
Users are encouraged to install the software they prefer on the phone.
If you accidentally uninstall the core applications on the phone, perhaps as a result of installing alternative or additional software, you can reinstall them from a terminal with the following command:
.. code:: bash
sudo apt install librem5-gnome-base
This will ask for confirmation before reinstalling the core apps. It may also uninstall any problematic software that caused the core apps to be uninstalled in the first place.
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