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......@@ -16,5 +16,10 @@ To build and run Phosh, follow the instructions in the `README`_ file from the
repository. If you want to run it from the source tree you can omit the
``ninja -C _build install`` step.
Developer Documentation
The `Phosh developer documentation`_ describes how the shell is constructed and the APIs that it exposes. It outlines how to use it in a GNOME session and also discusses interaction with other components, such as the compositor and settings daemon.
.. include:: /links.txt
......@@ -172,6 +172,7 @@
.. _`Ninja`:
.. _`Packaging Your Product`:
.. _Phoc:
.. _`Phosh developer documentation`:
.. _`Phosh repository`:
.. _`Plasma Mobile`:
.. _`Plasma Mobile application development`:
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