Commit ec9f99a2 authored by David Boddie's avatar David Boddie 💬
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Merge branch 'update-submodule-commits' into 'master'

Update submodule commits

See merge request Librem5/!261
parents 47685363 1268b180
Subproject commit f979e426740d63548f0929d0fb718fb16d8d527c
Subproject commit fb3a6947f9b4bb0376178e17167f70f4320dc709
Subproject commit 020f38eae3ece34a3a5d61159d53f6f92265c0e0
Subproject commit 6420f335a190f1bd6aa1dcf0e68bc58daa5c9ad5
Subproject commit 23616ce766897ea077ef65e1b4fc5056b2ed575b
Subproject commit ed99356934b4e85f910072732d93a6b3b2aa9c49
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