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    Include gtkstatusicon.c on all platforms. · 3d18823a
    Tor Lillqvist authored
    2005-11-03  Tor Lillqvist  <tml@novell.com>
    	* gtk/Makefile.am: Include gtkstatusicon.c on all platforms.
    	* gtk/gtkstatusicon.c: Implement for Win32. Use code from
    	gtktrayicon-win32.c as applicable. (gtktrayicon-win32.c is not
    	necessary and can be removed from CVS. It has never been mentioned
    	in gtk/Makefile.am.) No tray icon widget, GtkImage or GtkTooltips
    	are used on Win32. One label widget is used (but never shown) as
    	gtk_widget_render_icon() needs a widget.
    	Ifdefs used as necessary in several places. It might be cleaner to
    	split out the backend-specific parts to separate files, or at
    	least collect them into separate blocks in the file.
    	(wndproc): New function. Window procedure to monitor mouse events
    	in the system tray icon. Call gtk_status_icon_button_press() as
    	(create_tray_observer): New function. Creates a hidden window that
    	only serves as a tray icon message observer.
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