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    gdk/gdktypes.h gdk/gdkprivate.h gtk/gtk*.h gtk/Makefile.am gtk/makenums.pl · 48a9f44f
    Owen Taylor authored
    Mon Jun 15 16:29:45 1998  Owen Taylor  <otaylor@gtk.org>
    	* gdk/gdktypes.h gdk/gdkprivate.h gtk/gtk*.h
    	  gtk/Makefile.am gtk/makenums.pl
    	Removed out the G_ENUM/FLAGS mechanism in favor
    	of a perl script that parses the standard headers
    	(with occasional /*< nick=foo >*/ style overrides)
    	and extracts the enumerations.
    	  gtk/maketypes.awk: Small improvments to the
    	  translation of names. (Avoid splitting gc into
    Mon Jun 15 16:25:44 1998  Owen Taylor  <otaylor@gtk.org>
    	* gtk/Makefile.am gtk/gtk.h gtk/gtkfontsel.[ch] gtk/testgtk.c:
    	Damon Chaplin's <DAChaplin@email.msn.com> Font selection widget,
            and a simple example for testgtk.
    Mon Jun 15 15:58:34 1998  Owen Taylor  <otaylor@gtk.org>
    	* gtk/gtkentry.c:
    	- Restored gtk_entry_adjust_scroll to static
    	- Changed text positioning code so that we always
    	  display as large a portion of the text as possible.
    Mon Jun 15 15:42:12 1998  Owen Taylor  <otaylor@gtk.org>
    	* gtk/gtktext.c (gtk_text_finalize): Free internal
    	structures of text widget. Also, unreference pixmaps
    	when unrealizing.
    Sat Jun 13 19:14:39 1998  Owen Taylor  <otaylor@gtk.org>
    	* gdk/gdkinputcommon.h (gdk_input_device_new): Change
    	3.3.1 bug workaround to number keys starting at 1.
    Sat Jun 13 11:56:57 1998  Owen Taylor  <otaylor@gtk.org>
    	* docs/gtk_tut.sgml: Fixed urls for complete example
    	source for scribble+widget-writing examples.