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    Havoc Pennington authored
    2000-10-06  Havoc Pennington  <hp@redhat.com>
    	* Makefile.am (SRC_SUBDIRS): contrib subdir
    	* gdk/gdkpixbuf.h: Move GdkPixbufAlphaMode to gdk-pixbuf library,
    	so it can be used in Xlib version
    	* demos/testpixbuf.c (update_timeout): error checking from 1.0
    	* gtk/gdk-pixbuf-loader.c (gdk_pixbuf_loader_get_pixbuf): Sync
    	change from 1.0 tree that returns first frame of animation
    	if the loaded file is an animation.
            * contrib: add new directory to hold stuff that comes with GTK+
    	but isn't really part of GTK+ (for now, gdk-pixbuf-xlib)
    	* configure.in: add contrib/*
    2000-10-06  Havoc Pennington  <hp@redhat.com>
    	* gdk-pixbuf.h: add GdkPixbufAlphaMode
    2000-10-06  Havoc Pennington  <hp@redhat.com>
            This entry is a summary of the merged-in changes from 1.0.
    	Relevant original ChangeLog entries are spliced in after
    	this entry; the files they refer to are from the 1.0
    	gdk-pixbuf sources.
    	* pixops/pixops.c (pixops_composite_nearest): sync a small fix
    	from 1.0
    	* io-xpm.c (xpm_seek_string): add fscanf error check from 1.0
    	Add progressive loader from 1.0
    	* io-tiff.c (gdk_pixbuf__tiff_image_begin_load): mem leak fixes
    	from 1.0 tree
    	* io-pnm.c: new version from 1.0 tree
    	* io-jpeg.c (gdk_pixbuf__jpeg_image_load): sync from 1.0, use
    	malloc not g_malloc
    	* io-gif.c (lzw_read_byte): sync from 1.0, change a g_error to
    	(gif_get_next_step): return 0 here, sync from 1.0
    	* gdk-pixbuf-util.c: sync email address change for Cody
    2000-09-11  Jeffrey Stedfast  <fejj@helixcode.com>
    	* gdk-pixbuf/io-pnm.c: Pretty much totally rewrote again because
    	last nights code was still "broken". Should now properly handle
    	all error conditions gracefully.
    2000-09-10  Jeffrey Stedfast  <fejj@helixcode.com>
    	* gdk-pixbuf/io-pnm.c: Rewrote.
    2000-09-09  Federico Mena Quintero  <federico@helixcode.com>
    	* gdk-pixbuf/pixops/pixops.c (pixops_composite_nearest): Compute
    	the correct dest offset.
    2000-08-25  Federico Mena Quintero  <federico@helixcode.com>
    	* gdk-pixbuf/io-xpm.c: #include <unistd.h>
    2000-08-05  Larry Ewing  <lewing@helixcode.com>
    	* gdk-pixbuf/io-tiff.c: stop leaking context->tempname.
    	* gdk-pixbuf/io-xpm.c: same as above.
    2000-07-26  Michael Meeks  <michael@helixcode.com>
    	* gdk-pixbuf/io-jpeg.c (gdk_pixbuf__jpeg_image_load): make
    	g_malloc a malloc.
    2000-07-21  Larry Ewing  <lewing@helixcode.com>
    	* gdk-pixbuf/io-xpm.c: add a fake progressive loader so that
    	xpm at least supports the progressive interface like the one in
    	io-tiff.c. This should be reimplemented as an actual progressive
    2000-07-19  Jonathan Blandford  <jrb@redhat.com>
    	* demo/pixbuf-demo.c (update_timeout): changed scaling level to
    	make it look better.
    	* gdk-pixbuf/testpixbuf.c (update_timeout): Patch from michael
    	meeks to handle errors better.
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