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    Improve enter/motion notify semantics · 66207cf1
    Kristian Rietveld authored
    On X11 we receive enter notify and motion notify events for a window
    regardless of its focus state.  On Mac OS X this is not the case.  This
    commit improves the semantics to overcome this difference.  It improves
    on my earlier patch that sent a motion notify event when a window became
    Instead of sending a motion notify when a window becomes main, we now
    send one when a window becomes key, which comes closest to a window
    getting focus in X11.  This motion notify is needed because Mac OS X does
    not send motion events when an application is inactive (none of its
    windows have focus), these events are sent in X11.  This dummy motion
    notify event (with current coordinates of the mouse cursor) allows an
    application to get its prelight and other state right when it gets focus
    and thus user attention.
    Another change is to send an enter notify event when updating the
    tracking rectangle of a GdkQuartView and the mouse cursor is currently in
    this rectangle.  This rectangle is at least updated on window creation.
    This enter notify event is important for the case where a new window
    appears right below the mouse cursor.  The window has to receive an enter
    notify event for the subsequent events to be processed correctly.  Mac
    OS X does not send one in this case, so we generate it ourselves.
    Both of these synthesized events have to go through
    _gdk_windowing_got_event() for updating statekeeping, etc.
    append_event() has a boolean flag now to make this convenient.
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