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    gtk/gtkentry.[ch] gtktext.c gtkeditable.[ch] · 9205edae
    Owen Taylor authored
    Sat Feb 28 23:58:54 1998  Owen Taylor  <owt1@cornell.edu>
    	* gtk/gtkentry.[ch] gtktext.c gtkeditable.[ch]
    	Created a new base widget type Editable for the entry and
    	text widgets, which encapsulates most of the selection and
    	clipboard handling stuff, plus some common signals.
    	Changed the Entry widget extensively to support this,
    	but the interface and appearance should be the same.
    	Changed the Text widget moderately to support this.
    	It now supports:
    	- Selection style cut and paste
    	- Clipboard style cut and paste
    	- Emacs style key bindings (~same as Entry)
    	- Word motion
    	- "changed" signal
    	There are definitely still some bugs in the new stuff.
    	* gtkfilesel.c gtkspinbutton.c testgtk.c: small changes
    	to fit the new interface more exactly.
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