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    Make the ms-windows theme engine build with mingw. · 585471a4
    Tor Lillqvist authored
    2004-08-30  Tor Lillqvist  <tml@iki.fi>
    	Make the ms-windows theme engine build with mingw.
    	* configure.in: Expand also modules/engines/ms-windows/Theme/
    	Makefile and .../Theme/gtk-2.0/Makefile.
    	* modules/engines/ms-windows/Makefile.am: Adapt for building
    	inside the GTK sources.
    	* modules/engines/ms-windows/*.c: Use "foo.h" style includes for
    	GTK and GDK headers. Use correct path for gdkwin32.h header.
    	* modules/engines/ms-windows/msw_style.c: Don't use deprecated GDK
    	* modules/engines/ms-windows/xp_theme_defs.h
    	* modules/engines/ms-windows/xp_theme.c: Move definitions of TMT_*
    	to xp_theme.c, as they are neither in mingw's nor Platform
    	SDK's tmschema.h.
    	* modules/engines/ms-windows/xp_theme.c: Define _WIN32_WINNT as
    	0x0501 to get the necesssary stuff from mingw's uxtheme.h.
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