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    reworked the redrawing heuristics somewhat, this fixed a bunch of existing · d7bd87f2
    Tim Janik authored
    Tue Jan 12 13:47:07 1999  Tim Janik  <timj@gtk.org>
            * reworked the redrawing heuristics somewhat, this fixed a bunch of
            existing redrawing problems and majorly reduces overall redrawing needs
            during normal operation. basically we now only queue redraws when
            neccessary and much rely on the draw_area coalescing code in gtkwidget.c
            to optimize the queued portions. widgets will now upon reallocation only
            get redrawed if their allocation has changed. upon hide/show only the
            area allocated by the child will be queued for the parent, this has the
            side effect that parents which change their appearance in dependance on
            the numer of visible children have to keep track of their children's
            visiblity and eventually fully redraw themselves. this is a minor
            constrain with great benefits in terms of redraw reduction, and only got
            triggered by the notebook widget.
            * gtk/gtkwidget.c:
            (gtk_widget_queue_clear): don't bother if width and height == 0.
            (gtk_widget_queue_clear_child): new static function to queue a redraw of
            the area obscured by a child on a parent.
            (gtk_widget_queue_resize): queue_clear the widget if it is drawable.
            (gtk_widget_show): queue resize on the widget before showing.
            (gtk_widget_hide): queue resize on the widget after hiding.
            (gtk_widget_map): queue_draw the widget after mapping.
            (gtk_widget_unmap): queue_clear_child the widget.
            (gtk_widget_size_allocate): queue_clear_child and queue_draw if the
            widget's allocation changed.
            (gtk_widget_unparent): queue_clear_child so the parent redraws obscured
            (gtk_widget_real_size_allocate): don't bother with redraw queueing,
            descendants that override these functions don't do either and we handle
            all redrawing/resizing related stuff before or after the signal emission
            * gtk/gtkcontainer.c:
            (gtk_container_resize_children): don't bother about redrawing anymore
            since gtk_widget_size_allocate handles that for us now.
            * gtk/gtknotebook.h:
            * gtk/gtknotebook.c:
            added a flag have_visible_child to indicate whether we need to draw
            non child related portions at all, e.g. shadows etc.
            (gtk_notebook_draw): if have_visible_child changed, do a full paint
            instead of updating a small area only.
    Mon Jan 11 20:44:35 1999  Tim Janik  <timj@gtk.org>
            * gtk/gtkstyle.c: changed gtk_style_apply_default_pixmap to
            gtk_style_apply_default_background which takes an extra argument
            copy_area to determine NO_WINDOW widget pixmap copying.
            changed callers accordingly.
            * gtk/gtktogglebutton.c:
            (gtk_toggle_button_paint): avoid messing with our parent's window if
            toggle_button->draw_indicator == TRUE and we are a NO_WINDOW widget.
            * gtk/gtkcheckbutton.c (gtk_real_check_button_draw_indicator): draw
            the draw_indicator with GTK_STATE_ACTIVE if the toggle button is active.
            * gtk/check-n.xpm:
            * gtk/check-y.xpm:
            * gtk/testgtkrc: set pixmaps for ACTIVE and NORMAL check button
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