Commit 00524901 authored by Matthias Clasen's avatar Matthias Clasen
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Make GtkHandleBox work on multiple displays

parent d183f447
...@@ -1079,6 +1079,7 @@ gtk_handle_box_button_press (GtkWidget *widget, ...@@ -1079,6 +1079,7 @@ gtk_handle_box_button_press (GtkWidget *widget,
gint root_x, root_y; gint root_x, root_y;
gint width, height; gint width, height;
gtk_invisible_set_screen (GTK_INVISIBLE (invisible), gtk_widget_get_screen (hb));
gdk_window_get_deskrelative_origin (hb->bin_window, &desk_x, &desk_y); gdk_window_get_deskrelative_origin (hb->bin_window, &desk_x, &desk_y);
gdk_window_get_origin (hb->bin_window, &root_x, &root_y); gdk_window_get_origin (hb->bin_window, &root_x, &root_y);
gdk_drawable_get_size (hb->bin_window, &width, &height); gdk_drawable_get_size (hb->bin_window, &width, &height);
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