Commit 0747a601 authored by Carlos Garnacho's avatar Carlos Garnacho
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wayland: Add internal gdk_wayland_seat_set_global_cursor()

This can be used for cases (like DnD) where there isn't necessarily
a grab, but we want a global pointer cursor.
parent 8d476176
......@@ -306,7 +306,7 @@ gdk_wayland_device_set_window_cursor (GdkDevice *device,
if (device == wd->touch_master)
if (wd->pointer_grab_window)
if (wd->grab_cursor)
cursor = wd->grab_cursor;
/* Setting the cursor to NULL means that we should use
......@@ -2685,7 +2685,7 @@ gdk_wayland_seat_grab (GdkSeat *seat,
g_set_object (&wayland_seat->grab_cursor, cursor);
gdk_wayland_seat_set_global_cursor (seat, cursor);
g_set_object (&wayland_seat->cursor, cursor);
gdk_wayland_device_update_window_cursor (wayland_seat);
......@@ -3066,6 +3066,21 @@ gdk_wayland_device_unset_touch_grab (GdkDevice *gdk_device,
_gdk_wayland_display_deliver_event (device->display, event);
gdk_wayland_seat_set_global_cursor (GdkSeat *seat,
GdkCursor *cursor)
GdkWaylandSeat *wayland_seat = GDK_WAYLAND_SEAT (seat);
GdkDevice *pointer;
pointer = gdk_seat_get_pointer (seat);
g_set_object (&wayland_seat->grab_cursor, cursor);
gdk_wayland_device_set_window_cursor (pointer,
gdk_wayland_device_get_focus (pointer),
struct wl_data_device *
gdk_wayland_device_get_data_device (GdkDevice *gdk_device)
......@@ -264,4 +264,7 @@ EGLSurface gdk_wayland_window_get_egl_surface (GdkWindow *window,
EGLSurface gdk_wayland_window_get_dummy_egl_surface (GdkWindow *window,
EGLConfig config);
void gdk_wayland_seat_set_global_cursor (GdkSeat *seat,
GdkCursor *cursor);
#endif /* __GDK_PRIVATE_WAYLAND_H__ */
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