Commit 0bbe09a2 authored by Matthias Clasen's avatar Matthias Clasen
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Avoid excessive child_changed::added emissions

We are listening to page-added and emit child_changed::added
in response to that, so don't let the add_gtk handler add
extraneous extra signal emissions. This fixes the child-handling
test for GtkNotebook.
parent 318192b9
......@@ -310,6 +310,8 @@ gtk_notebook_accessible_class_init (GtkNotebookAccessibleClass *klass)
GObjectClass *gobject_class = G_OBJECT_CLASS (klass);
AtkObjectClass *class = ATK_OBJECT_CLASS (klass);
GailWidgetClass *widget_class = (GailWidgetClass*)klass;
GailContainerClass *container_class = (GailContainerClass*)klass;
gobject_class->finalize = gtk_notebook_accessible_finalize;
......@@ -317,6 +319,10 @@ gtk_notebook_accessible_class_init (GtkNotebookAccessibleClass *klass)
class->initialize = gtk_notebook_accessible_initialize;
widget_class->notify_gtk = gtk_notebook_accessible_notify_gtk;
/* we listen to page-added/-removed, so we don't care about these */
container_class->add_gtk = NULL;
container_class->remove_gtk = NULL;
static void
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