Commit 1932f32e authored by Alexander Larsson's avatar Alexander Larsson
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Correct generation of broken grabs

We send a broken grab when a *parent* gets unmapped, not when
a child gets unmapped!
parent 41054425
......@@ -1136,7 +1136,9 @@ _gdk_display_has_pointer_grab (GdkDisplay *display,
return NULL;
/* Returns true if last grab was ended */
/* Returns true if last grab was ended
* If if_child is non-NULL, end the grab only if the grabbed
* window is the same as if_child or a descendant of it */
_gdk_display_end_pointer_grab (GdkDisplay *display,
gulong serial,
......@@ -1154,7 +1156,7 @@ _gdk_display_end_pointer_grab (GdkDisplay *display,
grab = l->data;
if (grab &&
(if_child == NULL ||
_gdk_window_event_parent_of (grab->window, if_child)))
_gdk_window_event_parent_of (if_child, grab->window)))
grab->serial_end = serial;
grab->implicit_ungrab = implicit;
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