Commit 1bdd761c authored by Carlos Garnacho's avatar Carlos Garnacho
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GtkWidget: Ensure name changes involve a style context update.

parent 8ea649e0
......@@ -6666,6 +6666,18 @@ gtk_widget_set_name (GtkWidget *widget,
g_free (priv->name);
priv->name = new_name;
if (priv->path)
guint pos;
pos = gtk_widget_path_length (priv->path) - 1;
gtk_widget_path_iter_set_name (priv->path, pos,
if (priv->context)
gtk_style_context_set_path (priv->context, priv->path);
if (priv->rc_style)
gtk_widget_reset_rc_style (widget);
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