Commit 1d04bdf8 authored by Carlos Garnacho's avatar Carlos Garnacho
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x11/dnd: Ignore grab broken events from other devices than our DnD device.

The GdkDragContext should only listen to GDK_GRAB_BROKEN events sent to
its own pointer device. It turns out that the passive key grabs mistake
GDK into sending a GdkEventGrabBroken on the master keyboard, which the
DnD machinery mistakes as a signal to cancel the operation.
parent 783c3021
......@@ -3042,6 +3042,10 @@ gdk_dnd_handle_grab_broken_event (GdkDragContext *context,
event->grab_window == x11_context->ipc_window)
return FALSE;
if (gdk_event_get_device ((GdkEvent *) event) !=
gdk_drag_context_get_device (context))
return FALSE;
gdk_drag_context_cancel (context, GDK_DRAG_CANCEL_ERROR);
return TRUE;
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