Commit 1e765d2d authored by Hans Breuer's avatar Hans Breuer
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Use perl to make gtkalias.h without warnings

parent f3668e96
......@@ -572,10 +572,10 @@ gtk.def: gtk.symbols makefile.msc
-DG_GNUC_PRINTF=;G_GNUC_PRINTF gtk.symbols >> gtk.def
gtkalias.h: gtk.symbols
$(PERL) < gtk.symbols > gtkalias.h
gtkaliasdef.c: gtk.symbols
perl -def < gtk.symbols > gtkaliasdef.c
$(PERL) -def < gtk.symbols > gtkaliasdef.c
# generate type identifier header (GTK_TYPE_WIDGET_FLAGS)
# use 'echo' to work around 'command line too long'
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