Commit 22d28ef4 authored by Benjamin Otte's avatar Benjamin Otte Committed by Vincent Untz
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x11: Don't set ParentRelative if the parent's visual is different

It's like 82e6e32c, but when a pattern is given as argument.
parent 56e79739
......@@ -2674,6 +2674,7 @@ gdk_window_x11_set_background (GdkWindow *window,
if (cairo_pattern_get_surface (pattern, &surface) == CAIRO_STATUS_SUCCESS &&
matrix_is_identity (&matrix) &&
cairo_surface_get_type (surface) == CAIRO_SURFACE_TYPE_XLIB &&
cairo_xlib_surface_get_visual (surface) == GDK_VISUAL_XVISUAL (gdk_window_get_visual ((window))) &&
cairo_xlib_surface_get_display (surface) == GDK_WINDOW_XDISPLAY (window))
double x, y;
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