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Added documentation to gtksizegroup.sgml explaining what happens with height-for-width widgets.

When grouping height-for-width trading widgets (wrapping labels for instance)
vertically; the height for the minimum width will always be used for the entire
group... this patch warns about this in the docs.
parent 8bfb1e0a
......@@ -44,6 +44,15 @@ vertical size from the vertical requisition of all widgets that can be
reached from the widget by a chain of size groups of type
Note that only non-contextual sizes of every widget are ever consulted
by size groups (since size groups have no knowledge of what size a widget
will be allocated in one dimension, it cannot derive how much height
a widget will receive for a given width). When grouping widgets that
trade height for width in mode %GTK_SIZE_GROUP_VERTICAL or %GTK_SIZE_GROUP_BOTH:
the height for the minimum width will be the requested height for all
widgets in the group.
<refsect2 id="GtkSizeGroup-BUILDER-UI">
<title>GtkSizeGroup as GtkBuildable</title>
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