Commit 266866e8 authored by Matthias Clasen's avatar Matthias Clasen

Fix problems with DND on some X servers

When the X server does not support the shape extension (as some
vnc implementations seem to), our DND code was always seeing
an empty input shape, so drops always missed their target.
parent c62a1fd5
......@@ -662,11 +662,16 @@ is_pointer_within_shape (GdkDisplay *display,
GdkX11Display *display_x11 = GDK_X11_DISPLAY (display);
cairo_region_t *input_shape;
child->shape = _gdk_x11_xwindow_get_shape (display_x11->xdisplay,
child->xid, ShapeBounding);
child->shape = NULL;
if (gdk_display_supports_shapes (display))
child->shape = _gdk_x11_xwindow_get_shape (display_x11->xdisplay,
child->xid, ShapeBounding);
#ifdef ShapeInput
input_shape = _gdk_x11_xwindow_get_shape (display_x11->xdisplay,
child->xid, ShapeInput);
input_shape = NULL;
if (gdk_display_supports_input_shapes (display))
input_shape = _gdk_x11_xwindow_get_shape (display_x11->xdisplay,
child->xid, ShapeInput);
if (child->shape && input_shape)
cairo_region_intersect (child->shape, input_shape);
......@@ -3890,17 +3890,24 @@ _gdk_x11_xwindow_get_shape (Display *xdisplay,
shape = NULL;
rn = 0;
xrl = XShapeGetRectangles (xdisplay,
shape_type, &rn, &ord);
/* Note that XShapeGetRectangles returns NULL in two situations:
* - the server doesn't support the SHAPE extension
* - the shape is empty
* Since we can't discriminate these here, we always return
* an empty shape. It is the callers responsibility to check
* whether the server supports the SHAPE extensions beforehand.
xrl = XShapeGetRectangles (xdisplay, window, shape_type, &rn, &ord);
if (xrl == NULL || rn == 0)
if (rn == 0)
return cairo_region_create (); /* Empty */
if (ord != YXBanded)
/* This really shouldn't happen with any xserver, as they
generally convert regions to YXBanded internally */
* generally convert regions to YXBanded internally
g_warning ("non YXBanded shape masks not supported");
XFree (xrl);
return NULL;
......@@ -3915,10 +3922,10 @@ _gdk_x11_xwindow_get_shape (Display *xdisplay,
rl[i].height = xrl[i].height;
XFree (xrl);
shape = cairo_region_create_rectangles (rl, rn);
g_free (rl);
return shape;
......@@ -3940,7 +3947,7 @@ gdk_x11_window_get_input_shape (GdkWindow *window)
#if defined(ShapeInput)
if (!GDK_WINDOW_DESTROYED (window) &&
gdk_display_supports_shapes (GDK_WINDOW_DISPLAY (window)))
gdk_display_supports_input_shapes (GDK_WINDOW_DISPLAY (window)))
return _gdk_x11_xwindow_get_shape (GDK_WINDOW_XDISPLAY (window),
GDK_WINDOW_XID (window),
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