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Update NEWS for 2.90.7

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......@@ -3,11 +3,45 @@ Overview of Changes from GTK+ 2.90.6 to 2.90.7
* Various deprecated APIs have been removed:
- the GtkWidget::draw-border style property
- the GtkEntry::state-hint style property
- the GtkTreeView::row-ending-details style property
- the GtkRange::trough-side-details style property
- the GtkRange::stepper-position-details style property
- the GtkRange::activate-slider style property
- the GtkFrame::shadow and GtkHandleBox::shadow properties
- the GtkTextView::page-horizontally signal
- the GDK_WINDOW_DIALOG window type
- the GTK_SELECTION_EXTENDED selection mode
- the GtkProgressBarOrientation, GtkAnchorType and GtkVisibility
- GtkDialog separators, including the GtkDialog::has-separator
property, including setter/getter, the GTK_DIALOG_NO_SEPARATOR
flag and the GtkMessageDialog::use-separator style property
- gtk_status_icon_set/get_blinking
- gdk_window_et_deskrelative_origin
- The GtkItem class has been removed. Its functionality has
been merged into is sole subclass, GtkMenuItem
* The GtkIconView::orientation property has been renamed
to 'item-orientation'
* GtkProgressBar and GtkCellRendererProgress implement GtkOrientable
now, and their 'orientation' property have been split into
a 'orientation' property of type GtkOrientation and a boolean
'inverted' property
* GDK no longer exports variables: gdk_threads_lock, gdk_threads_unlock,
gdk_threads_mutex and gdk_display are no longer available
* GTK no longer exports variables: gtk_major_version, gtk_minor_version,
gtk_micro_version, gtk_binary_age, gtk_interface_age have been
converted to functions. gtk_debug_flags has a getter and a setter.
Misc. variables that had been exported by the semi-private text
API have been removed.
* All GDK keysym names have been changed from GDK_keysym to GDK_KEY_keysym;
the previous names are still available in gdkkeysyms-compat.h.
* GtkWrapBox is a new container, which distributes its children
over multiple rows/columns
......@@ -43,6 +77,12 @@ Overview of Changes from GTK+ 2.90.6 to 2.90.7
627912 misprint in the desc. of "hover-expand" and "hover-selection"...
628160 introspection: Update to new scanner API
628308 docs referencing non existing icons
628656 _gdk_windowing_get_startup_notify_id memory leak
628807 Add more "reserved for expansion" fields to GtkWidgetClass
628808 Warn if a widget requests minimum size > natural size
628884 Use a bitfield for Widget::private_flags, ::state, ::saved_state
628935 add gtk_radio_button_join_group method for bindings
629110 gtk_spinner_accessible_get_type always returns null
* Translation updates
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