Commit 2ab408a7 authored by Tim Janik's avatar Tim Janik
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really remove g_direct_compare() (this includes its declaration ;).

parent 1c77b5f9
......@@ -782,11 +782,12 @@ GArray* g_rarray_truncate (GArray *array,
gint g_str_equal (const gpointer v,
const gpointer v2);
guint g_str_hash (const gpointer v);
/* These two "hash" functions actually just return the value and/or
comparison of the pointers themselves - useful for hashing
on an int value or something like that */
gint g_direct_compare(gpointer a, gpointer b);
guint g_direct_hash(gpointer key);
/* This "hash" function will just return the key's adress as an
* unsigned integer. Useful for hashing on plain adresses or
* simple integer values.
guint g_direct_hash (gpointer key);
/* GScanner: Flexible lexical scanner for general purpose.
......@@ -912,6 +912,6 @@ g_parse_debug_string (const gchar *string,
g_direct_hash(gpointer key)
return (guint)key;
return (guint) key;
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