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Adjusted new documentation for GtkSizeGroup.

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......@@ -51,7 +51,13 @@ will be allocated in one dimension, it cannot derive how much height
a widget will receive for a given width). When grouping widgets that
trade height for width in mode %GTK_SIZE_GROUP_VERTICAL or %GTK_SIZE_GROUP_BOTH:
the height for the minimum width will be the requested height for all
widgets in the group.
widgets in the group. The same is of course true when horizontally grouping
width for height widgets.
Widgets that trade height-for-width should set a reasonably large minimum width
by way of GtkLabel:width-chars for instance. Widgets with static sizes as well
as widgets that grow (such as ellipsizing text) need no such considerations.
<refsect2 id="GtkSizeGroup-BUILDER-UI">
<title>GtkSizeGroup as GtkBuildable</title>
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