Commit 3dbfc08a authored by Javier Jardón's avatar Javier Jardón
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Fix some compilation warnings

Fixed the prototypes of MyEnhancedXkbTranslateKeyCode() and
translate_keysym() to take a gint* because those functions treat
these arguments as an int, so we get around the need to cast.
parent 3388a1b1
......@@ -1198,8 +1198,8 @@ MyEnhancedXkbTranslateKeyCode(register XkbDescPtr xkb,
register unsigned int mods,
unsigned int * mods_rtrn,
KeySym * keysym_rtrn,
unsigned int * group_rtrn,
unsigned int * level_rtrn)
int * group_rtrn,
int * level_rtrn)
XkbKeyTypeRec *type;
int col,nKeyGroups;
......@@ -1324,8 +1324,8 @@ translate_keysym (GdkKeymapX11 *keymap_x11,
guint hardware_keycode,
gint group,
GdkModifierType state,
guint *effective_group,
guint *effective_level)
gint *effective_group,
gint *effective_level)
const KeySym *map = get_keymap (keymap_x11);
const KeySym *syms = map + (hardware_keycode - keymap_x11->min_keycode) * keymap_x11->keysyms_per_keycode;
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