Commit 3f0d330a authored by Steve Frécinaux's avatar Steve Frécinaux

[GI] Fix transfer annotation on gtk_dialog_add_button()

The transfer annotation was (transfer full) but the caller actually
doesn't own a reference of the object. This made the pygobject test suite
crash because pygobject was trying to unref the returned GtkButton
parent 75a05621
......@@ -765,7 +765,7 @@ gtk_dialog_add_action_widget (GtkDialog *dialog,
* appended to the end of the dialog's action area. The button widget is
* returned, but usually you don't need it.
* Return value: (transfer full): the button widget that was added
* Return value: (transfer none): the button widget that was added
gtk_dialog_add_button (GtkDialog *dialog,
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