Commit 447fae8d authored by Benjamin Otte's avatar Benjamin Otte Committed by Matthias Clasen
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Revert 'Insert an LRM, to prevent -20 to come out as 20- in RTL'

Correct text direction for printing of doubles should be (and is) done
by printf() and friend and not enforced by GtkScale.

This reverts commit 5eb2aac9
parent d0f0d4c7
......@@ -1334,8 +1334,7 @@ _gtk_scale_format_value (GtkScale *scale,
if (fmt)
return fmt;
/* insert a LRM, to prevent -20 to come out as 20- in RTL locales */
return g_strdup_printf ("\342\200\216%0.*f", priv->digits, value);
return g_strdup_printf ("%0.*f", priv->digits, value);
static void
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