Commit 5265db5d authored by Matthias Clasen's avatar Matthias Clasen
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box gadget: Add a function to reverse children

This can be used to handle text direction changes.
parent f6757e0c
......@@ -651,3 +651,23 @@ gtk_box_gadget_remove_gadget (GtkBoxGadget *gadget,
gtk_box_gadget_remove_object (gadget, G_OBJECT (cssgadget));
gtk_box_gadget_reverse_children (GtkBoxGadget *gadget)
GtkBoxGadgetPrivate *priv = gtk_box_gadget_get_instance_private (GTK_BOX_GADGET (gadget));
int i, j;
gtk_css_node_reverse_children (gtk_css_gadget_get_node (GTK_CSS_GADGET (gadget)));
for (i = 0, j = priv->children->len - 1; i < j; i++, j--)
GtkBoxGadgetChild *child1 = &g_array_index (priv->children, GtkBoxGadgetChild, i);
GtkBoxGadgetChild *child2 = &g_array_index (priv->children, GtkBoxGadgetChild, j);
GtkBoxGadgetChild tmp;
tmp = *child1;
*child1 = *child2;
*child2 = tmp;
......@@ -70,6 +70,7 @@ void gtk_box_gadget_insert_gadget (GtkBoxGadget
GtkAlign align);
void gtk_box_gadget_remove_gadget (GtkBoxGadget *gadget,
GtkCssGadget *cssgadget);
void gtk_box_gadget_reverse_children (GtkBoxGadget *gadget);
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