Commit 548a1302 authored by Benjamin Otte's avatar Benjamin Otte
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cssprovider: Use _gtk_style_property_lookup()

This way we get the actual data node and can use it.
parent 777a6846
......@@ -1948,16 +1948,15 @@ static void
parse_declaration (GtkCssScanner *scanner,
GtkCssRuleset *ruleset)
GtkStylePropertyParser parse_func = NULL;
GParamSpec *pspec = NULL;
const GtkStyleProperty *property;
char *name;
name = _gtk_css_parser_try_ident (scanner->parser, TRUE);
if (name == NULL)
goto check_for_semicolon;
if (!gtk_style_properties_lookup_property (name, &parse_func, &pspec) &&
name[0] != '-')
property = _gtk_style_property_lookup (name);
if (property == NULL && name[0] != '-')
gtk_css_provider_error (scanner->provider,
......@@ -1978,24 +1977,24 @@ parse_declaration (GtkCssScanner *scanner,
if (pspec)
if (property)
GValue *val;
g_free (name);
val = g_slice_new0 (GValue);
g_value_init (val, pspec->value_type);
g_value_init (val, property->pspec->value_type);
if (_gtk_css_parser_try (scanner->parser, "none", TRUE))
/* Insert the default value, so it has an opportunity
* to override other style providers when merged
g_param_value_set_default (pspec, val);
gtk_css_ruleset_add (ruleset, pspec, val);
g_param_value_set_default (property->pspec, val);
gtk_css_ruleset_add (ruleset, property->pspec, val);
else if (parse_func)
else if (property->parse_func)
GError *error = NULL;
char *value_str;
......@@ -2007,8 +2006,8 @@ parse_declaration (GtkCssScanner *scanner,
if ((*parse_func) (value_str, val, &error))
gtk_css_ruleset_add (ruleset, pspec, val);
if ((*property->parse_func) (value_str, val, &error))
gtk_css_ruleset_add (ruleset, property->pspec, val);
gtk_css_provider_take_error (scanner->provider, scanner, error);
......@@ -2024,7 +2023,7 @@ parse_declaration (GtkCssScanner *scanner,
_gtk_css_parser_begins_with (scanner->parser, '}') ||
_gtk_css_parser_is_eof (scanner->parser))
gtk_css_ruleset_add (ruleset, pspec, val);
gtk_css_ruleset_add (ruleset, property->pspec, val);
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