Commit 5651cbc4 authored by Adel Gadllah's avatar Adel Gadllah
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[GdkScreenX11] Add heuristic for pre XRandR 1.3 drivers

Currently gdk_screen_get_primary_monitor just returns the first monitor,
in this case but both the panel and now gnome-shell use an additional
heuristic to prefer LVDS as primary if present.

Move this heuristic to gdk_screen_get_primary_monitor to avoid duplicating
it all over the place.

The fallback heuristic is also used when no primary output is set.
parent e13ab6c5
......@@ -771,7 +771,7 @@ init_randr13 (GdkScreen *screen)
XRROutputInfo *output =
XRRGetOutputInfo (dpy, resources, resources->outputs[i]);
if (resources->outputs[i] == primary_output)
if (primary_output != None && resources->outputs[i] == primary_output)
screen_x11->primary_monitor = i;
......@@ -785,6 +785,12 @@ init_randr13 (GdkScreen *screen)
/* No RandR1.3+ available or no primary set, fall back to prefer LVDS as primary if present */
if (g_ascii_strncasecmp (output->name, "LVDS", 4) == 0)
screen_x11->primary_monitor = i;
if (output->crtc)
GdkX11Monitor monitor;
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