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Overview of Changes in GTK+ 3.19.7
* GtkNotebook:
- Has been converted to use gadgets
- Style properties have been deprecated
* GtkTextView:
- Offers (some) control over cursor blinking
* CSS changes:
- Fix rendering of asymmetric borders
- Add CSS names to more widgets
- Support recoloring icons with -gtk-recolor
* Themes:
- Many Adwaita fixes
* Wayland:
- Support kinetic scrolling, using the new events in
version 5 of the wl_pointer interface
* Bugs fixed:
722727 Widget state CSS pseudoclasses should work with adjacent selectors
722937 problem rendering asymmetric borders with dotted style
748327 W32: GDK can be hypothetically stuck in time
756729 No kinetic scrolling on Wayland
757503 Selected text is white on white (invisible) - Evo / GTK+ 3.19.1
759785 GdkSeat: Suspected errors in documentation
759898 W32: There's a gap between tooltip window and its shadow
760350 Cast the return value of g_array_free to void* before casting to...
760388 MS lib files cannot be generated (with patch)
760416 broadwayd --help shows translated characters as question marks o...
760427 Adwaita: Separators in popovers shouldn't always have margins
760445 regression: openQA no longer able to press ctrl-alt-del to get t...
760509 GdkWindow positions/sizes include css margins
760524 linked comboboxes change size when clicked
760525 Labels in dialog buttons misaligned
760528 GtkFrame child should start below the label widget
760536 ship a mini icon theme for recolarable symbolic icon assets
760572 Inspector highlights "random" widgets
760596 epiphany middle click on link opens an invisible tab
760615 GTK FTBFS with MinGW-w64
760640 Crash in gtk_notebook_set_show_tabs when closing Epiphany
760663 Some labels on RTL in some menus dosn't shown
760668 box gadget: Implement cross-axis alignment
760680 Emitting "shutdown" signal twice leads to a crash
760748 GtkTextView should allow hooks for reseting blink time
760754 gedit crashes detaching a tab
* Translation updates:
Brazilian Portuguese
Overview of Changes in GTK+ 3.19.6
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