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Overview of Changes from GTK+ 2.91.4 to 2.91.5
* GtkSwitch: a new widget that provides switch-like on/off functionality
* Deprecations and cleanups:
- GtkCallbackMarshal and GtkFunction have been deprecated
- gtk_init_add has been removed
- The ::size-request signal has been removed
- GtkRuler has been removed
* The default value for the GtkBox::fill property has been changed
back to TRUE
* Bugs fixed:
565665 GtkTargetEntry member target should be const char *
613942 Deprecate GtkRuler, GtkVruler and GtkHRuler
629955 Deprecate / remove gtk_main and gtk_init_add / remove* API
633324 Stop invoking size-request completely
633896 Printing: Use XDG_DOCUMENTS_DIR as the default location...
634474 infinite loop in gtk_icon_view_accessible_set_adjustment
634558 Selecting "Search" should focus text box for keyboard entry
634592 GtkNotebook doesn't expand (in a typical GtkDialog)
634697 gdk: Add XSetting for "gtk-cursor-blink-timeout"
634821 Fix a BadMatch when create an icon pixmap for an ARGB visual
634987 add a switch widget
635175 Leak in gtk_plug_realize
635253 GtkRadioButton constructors don't mark group as "allow-none"
635307 iconcache: Ensure we don't lose data on power loss
635380 gdk_event_apply_filters is unsafe against changes in filter list
635588 clicking URL to be opened freezes the application for 3-5 seconds
635693 Bad pointer grab bug with GtkMenu/GtkComboBox
635879 Change the gdk_rgba_parse() function to be usable from bindings
* Updated translations:
British English
Norwegian bokmål
Overview of Changes from GTK+ 2.91.3 to 2.91.4
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