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API: Remove gdk_cairo_reset_clip()

You should not ever ever ever call cairo_reset_clip(). If you do, your
code is broken and you deserve everything you get.
And we should definitely not support this insanity.
parent d154344a
......@@ -616,7 +616,6 @@ gdk_cairo_set_source_pixbuf
......@@ -46,15 +46,9 @@
Problems can also occur when using cairo for drawing. One thing that can
go wrong is clip handling. If you ever need to reset the clip region on
a cairo_t (i.e. use cairo_reset_clip()), you have to to use
gdk_cairo_reset_clip() instead. The reason for this is that the cairo_reset_clip() call will remove the initial clip region that limits your drawing to
the client-side window at hand, so you will end up drawing over stuff
outside the window. You also need to use gdk_cairo_reset_clip() if you
use a cairo_t that was not allocated in a double-buffered expose handler
and keep it in use after window hierarchy changes (resizing, moving,
stacking order changes). The easiest fix for this kind of problem is to
simply create a new cairo context for each expose event.
go wrong is clip handling. You may not use cairo_reset_clip() on a
cairo_t on a cairo context created via gdk_cairo_create() or passed to
the GtkWidget::draw signal.
......@@ -78,34 +78,6 @@ gdk_cairo_create (GdkDrawable *drawable)
return cr;
* gdk_cairo_reset_clip:
* @cr: a #cairo_t
* @drawable: a #GdkDrawable
* Resets the clip region for a Cairo context created by gdk_cairo_create().
* This resets the clip region to the "empty" state for the given drawable.
* This is required for non-native windows since a direct call to
* cairo_reset_clip() would unset the clip region inherited from the
* drawable (i.e. the window clip region), and thus let you e.g.
* draw outside your window.
* This is rarely needed though, since most code just create a new cairo_t
* using gdk_cairo_create() each time they want to draw something.
* Since: 2.18
gdk_cairo_reset_clip (cairo_t *cr,
GdkDrawable *drawable)
cairo_reset_clip (cr);
if (GDK_DRAWABLE_GET_CLASS (drawable)->set_cairo_clip)
GDK_DRAWABLE_GET_CLASS (drawable)->set_cairo_clip (drawable, cr);
* gdk_cairo_get_clip_rectangle:
* @cr: a cairo context
......@@ -32,8 +32,6 @@
cairo_t *gdk_cairo_create (GdkDrawable *drawable);
void gdk_cairo_reset_clip (cairo_t *cr,
GdkDrawable *drawable);
gboolean gdk_cairo_get_clip_rectangle(cairo_t *cr,
GdkRectangle *rect);
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