Commit 67e0a441 authored by Federico Mena Quintero's avatar Federico Mena Quintero
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bgo#315462 - Make GtkLabel deal with too-small height allocations gracefully

Previously we would always align the top of the text with the label's allocation-plus-padding.
However, this makes a single-line label inside a GtkButton look badly clipped when the button
has a smaller allocation than its requisition.  So, for single-line labels we respect the
alignment even if it doesn't fit within the label's allocation.  But for multi-line labels, we
give preference to showing the first line, to give the user some context.
Signed-off-by: default avatarFederico Mena Quintero <>
parent e2bce0d6
......@@ -2775,6 +2775,23 @@ get_layout_location (GtkLabel *label,
x = MIN (x, widget->allocation.x + widget->allocation.width - misc->xpad);
x -= logical.x;
/* bgo#315462 - For single-line labels, *do* align the requisition with
* respect to the allocation, even if we are under-allocated. For multi-line
* labels, always show the top of the text when they are under-allocated. The
* rationale is this:
* - Single-line labels appear in GtkButtons, and it is very easy to get them
* to be smaller than their requisition. The button may clip the label, but
* the label will still be able to show most of itself and the focus
* rectangle. Also, it is fairly easy to read a single line of clipped text.
* - Multi-line labels should not be clipped to showing "something in the
* middle". You want to read the first line, at least, to get some context.
if (pango_layout_get_line_count (label->layout) == 1)
y = floor (widget->allocation.y + (gint)misc->ypad
+ (widget->allocation.height - widget->requisition.height) * misc->yalign);
y = floor (widget->allocation.y + (gint)misc->ypad
+ MAX (((widget->allocation.height - widget->requisition.height) * misc->yalign),
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