Commit 6a40c0f8 authored by Johan Dahlin's avatar Johan Dahlin
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introspection: Remove redundant include

Gdk-3.0 is already included above via --include-uninstalled, so
don't also specify it in INCLUDES.  Doing so breaks if it isn't
installed already, since we try to find the gdk-3.0.pc.
parent 358a2b86
......@@ -974,7 +974,7 @@ if USE_X11
Gtk_3_0_gir_SCANNERFLAGS += --add-include-path=$(top_builddir)/gdk/x11
Gtk_3_0_gir_SCANNERFLAGS += --c-include="gtk/gtkx.h"
Gtk_3_0_gir_INCLUDES = Atk-1.0 Gdk-3.0
Gtk_3_0_gir_INCLUDES = Atk-1.0
Gtk_3_0_gir_CFLAGS = \
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