Commit 787170c4 authored by Benjamin Otte's avatar Benjamin Otte Committed by Matthias Clasen
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a11y: Update tests after removing AtkText from GailExpander

parent fea49ed6
......@@ -16,37 +16,6 @@ window1
layer: widget
alpha: 1
text: Reveal this
character count: 11
caret offset: 0
default attributes: bg-color: <omitted>
bg-full-height: 0
bg-stipple: false
direction: <omitted>
editable: false
family-name: <omitted>
fg-color: <omitted>
fg-stipple: false
indent: 0
invisible: false
justification: left
language: <omitted>
left-margin: 0
pixels-above-lines: 0
pixels-below-lines: 0
pixels-inside-wrap: 0
right-margin: 0
rise: 0
scale: 1
size: <omitted>
stretch: <omitted>
strikethrough: false
style: <omitted>
underline: none
variant: <omitted>
weight: <omitted>
wrap-mode: word
action 0 name: activate
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