Commit 9c6696df authored by Kristian Rietveld's avatar Kristian Rietveld Committed by Benjamin Otte
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quartz: Convert default background drawing to cairo

Includes some untested (read: uncompiled) simplifications from Benjamin
parent 709e05cd
......@@ -229,10 +229,9 @@ gdk_window_impl_quartz_begin_paint_region (GdkPaintable *paintable,
GdkWindowImplQuartz *impl = GDK_WINDOW_IMPL_QUARTZ (paintable);
GdkWindowObject *private = (GdkWindowObject*)window;
int n_rects;
GdkPixmap *bg_pixmap;
cairo_region_t *clipped_and_offset_region;
gboolean free_clipped_and_offset_region = TRUE;
cairo_t *cr;
bg_pixmap = private->bg_pixmap;
......@@ -244,51 +243,30 @@ gdk_window_impl_quartz_begin_paint_region (GdkPaintable *paintable,
private->abs_x, private->abs_y);
if (impl->begin_paint_count == 0)
impl->paint_clip_region = clipped_and_offset_region;
free_clipped_and_offset_region = FALSE;
impl->paint_clip_region = cairo_region_reference (clipped_and_offset_region);
cairo_region_union (impl->paint_clip_region, clipped_and_offset_region);
if (bg_pixmap == GDK_NO_BG)
if (bg_pixmap == GDK_NO_BG ||
cairo_region_is_empty (clipped_and_offset_region))
goto done;
n_rects = cairo_region_num_rectangles (clipped_and_offset_region);
cr = gdk_cairo_create (window);
if (n_rects == 0)
goto done;
cairo_translate (cr, -private->abs_x, -private->abs_y);
gdk_cairo_region (cr, clipped_and_offset_region);
cairo_clip (cr);
if (bg_pixmap == NULL)
CGContextRef cg_context;
CGColorRef color;
gint i;
cg_context = gdk_quartz_drawable_get_context (GDK_DRAWABLE (impl), FALSE);
color = _gdk_quartz_colormap_get_cgcolor_from_pixel (window,
CGContextSetFillColorWithColor (cg_context, color);
CGColorRelease (color);
for (i = 0; i < n_rects; i++)
cairo_rectangle_int_t rect;
cairo_region_get_rectangle (clipped_and_offset_region, i, &rect);
CGContextFillRect (cg_context,
CGRectMake (rect.x, rect.y,
rect.width, rect.height));
gdk_quartz_drawable_release_context (GDK_DRAWABLE (impl), cg_context);
gdk_cairo_set_source_color (cr, &private->bg_color);
int x_offset, y_offset;
int width, height;
cairo_t *cr;
x_offset = y_offset = 0;
......@@ -304,29 +282,26 @@ gdk_window_impl_quartz_begin_paint_region (GdkPaintable *paintable,
bg_pixmap = ((GdkWindowObject *) window)->bg_pixmap;
/* If we have a parent relative background or we don't have a pixmap,
* clear the area to transparent.
if (bg_pixmap == NULL || bg_pixmap == GDK_NO_BG || bg_pixmap == GDK_PARENT_RELATIVE_BG)
/* Parent relative background but the parent doesn't have a
* pixmap.
cairo_destroy (cr);
goto done;
gdk_drawable_get_size (GDK_DRAWABLE (bg_pixmap), &width, &height);
cr = gdk_cairo_create (GDK_DRAWABLE (impl));
gdk_cairo_set_source_pixmap (cr, bg_pixmap, x_offset, y_offset);
cairo_pattern_set_extend (cairo_get_source (cr), CAIRO_EXTEND_REPEAT);
gdk_cairo_region (cr, clipped_and_offset_region);
cairo_fill (cr);
cairo_destroy (cr);
cairo_set_extend (cairo_get_source (cr), CAIRO_EXTEND_REPEAT);
if (free_clipped_and_offset_region)
cairo_region_destroy (clipped_and_offset_region);
/* Can use cairo_paint() here, we clipped above */
cairo_paint (cr);
cairo_destroy (cr);
cairo_region_destroy (clipped_and_offset_region);
static void
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