Commit 9debfe24 authored by Havoc Pennington's avatar Havoc Pennington
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Use _gtk_widget_get_aux_info_or_defaults() when possible in gtkwidget.c

Did not update uses in other files because the plan is to
get rid of those other uses anyhow. So don't want to make
this function available in the header.
parent cf68c263
......@@ -8018,17 +8018,17 @@ gtk_widget_get_size_request (GtkWidget *widget,
gint *width,
gint *height)
GtkWidgetAuxInfo *aux_info;
const GtkWidgetAuxInfo *aux_info;
g_return_if_fail (GTK_IS_WIDGET (widget));
aux_info = _gtk_widget_get_aux_info (widget, FALSE);
aux_info = _gtk_widget_get_aux_info_or_defaults (widget);
if (width)
*width = aux_info ? aux_info->width : -1;
*width = aux_info->width;
if (height)
*height = aux_info ? aux_info->height : -1;
*height = aux_info->height;
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