Commit a1cf2315 authored by Matthias Clasen's avatar Matthias Clasen
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Fix up signal ordering issues in GtkEntry

Ensure that text and selection boundaries are in a
consistent state when we emit notifications, that ::insert-text
and ::delete-text are emitted before any changes, and that
::changed is emitted after property notifications when inserting
or deleting text.
parent 5398a160
......@@ -4648,8 +4648,14 @@ gtk_entry_real_insert_text (GtkEditable *editable,
* following signal handlers: buffer_inserted_text(), buffer_notify_display_text(),
* buffer_notify_text(), buffer_notify_length()
begin_change (GTK_ENTRY (editable));
g_object_freeze_notify (G_OBJECT (editable));
n_inserted = gtk_entry_buffer_insert_text (get_buffer (GTK_ENTRY (editable)), *position, new_text, n_chars);
g_object_thaw_notify (G_OBJECT (editable));
end_change (GTK_ENTRY (editable));
if (n_inserted != n_chars)
gtk_widget_error_bell (GTK_WIDGET (editable));
......@@ -4667,7 +4673,11 @@ gtk_entry_real_delete_text (GtkEditable *editable,
* buffer_notify_text(), buffer_notify_length()
begin_change (GTK_ENTRY (editable));
g_object_freeze_notify (G_OBJECT (editable));
gtk_entry_buffer_delete_text (get_buffer (GTK_ENTRY (editable)), start_pos, end_pos - start_pos);
g_object_thaw_notify (G_OBJECT (editable));
end_change (GTK_ENTRY (editable));
/* GtkEntryBuffer signal handlers
......@@ -4681,12 +4691,18 @@ buffer_inserted_text (GtkEntryBuffer *buffer,
GtkEntryPrivate *priv = entry->priv;
guint password_hint_timeout;
guint current_pos;
gint selection_bound;
current_pos = priv->current_pos;
if (current_pos > position)
current_pos += n_chars;
if (priv->current_pos > position)
priv->current_pos += n_chars;
selection_bound = priv->selection_bound;
if (selection_bound > position)
selection_bound += n_chars;
if (priv->selection_bound > position)
priv->selection_bound += n_chars;
gtk_entry_set_positions (entry, current_pos, selection_bound);
/* Calculate the password hint if it needs to be displayed. */
if (n_chars == 1 && !priv->visible)
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