Commit a38472c1 authored by Benjamin Otte's avatar Benjamin Otte
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testgtk: No need to set a custom colourmap here

parent e06d0403
......@@ -425,8 +425,6 @@ create_composited_window (GtkWidget *widget)
if (!window)
GtkWidget *event, *button;
GdkScreen *screen;
GdkColormap *rgba;
GdkColor red;
/* make the widgets */
......@@ -442,13 +440,6 @@ create_composited_window (GtkWidget *widget)
gdk_color_parse ("red", &red);
gtk_widget_modify_bg (window, GTK_STATE_NORMAL, &red);
/* set the colourmap for the event box.
* must be done before the event box is realised.
screen = gtk_widget_get_screen (event);
rgba = gdk_screen_get_rgba_colormap (screen);
gtk_widget_set_colormap (event, rgba);
/* set our event box to have a fully-transparent background
* drawn on it. currently there is no way to simply tell gtk
* that "transparency" is the background colour for a widget.
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