Commit a6a036ce authored by Tristan Van Berkom's avatar Tristan Van Berkom
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Adding note to docs of gtk_widget_set_window()

gtk_widget_set_window() does not add a reference to the
owned window... this is an exception to most gtk_foo_set_bar()
functions where as it acts as if it were named gtk_widget_take_window().

Adding note to the docs to avoid people giving the window to the
widget and naturally proceeding to unref the window.
parent 6624da63
......@@ -11616,6 +11616,8 @@ gtk_widget_get_requisition (GtkWidget *widget,
* by calling gtk_widget_set_has_window(). This is usually done in the
* widget's init() function.
* <note><para>This function does not add any reference to @window.</para></note>
* Since: 2.18
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