Commit acf13456 authored by John Ralls's avatar John Ralls

Fix refresh of static autorelease_pool so that it doesn't happen in gtk-nested loops.

parent 23506c0e
......@@ -632,21 +632,20 @@ gdk_event_check (GSource *source)
/* XXX: This check isn't right it won't handle a recursive GLib main
* loop run within an outer CFRunLoop run. Such loops will pile up
* memory. Fixing this requires setting a flag *only* when we call
* g_main_context_check() from within the run loop iteraton code,
* and also maintaining our own stack of run loops... allocating and
* releasing NSAutoReleasePools not properly nested with CFRunLoop
* runs seems to cause problems.
if (current_loop_level == 0)
/* Refresh the autorelease pool if we're at the base CFRunLoop level
* (indicated by current_loop_level) and the base g_main_loop level
* (indicated by g_main_depth()). Messing with the autorelease pool at
* any level of nesting can cause access to deallocated memory because
* autorelease_pool is static and releasing a pool will cause all
* pools allocated inside of it to be released as well.
if (current_loop_level == 0 && g_main_depth() == 0)
if (autorelease_pool)
[autorelease_pool release];
autorelease_pool = [[NSAutoreleasePool alloc] init];
retval = (_gdk_event_queue_find_first (_gdk_display) != NULL ||
_gdk_quartz_event_loop_check_pending ());
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