Commit aeec832f authored by Kristian Rietveld's avatar Kristian Rietveld
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Do not call validate_visible_area() from the draw method

Because validate_visible_area() can modify the window size (and thus
the underlying surface), it should not be called from within the draw
method.  Given that the presize handler is run with a higher priority
than redraw, and the presize handler will validate the visible area,
there should not be cases wherein the draw method is called and
validate_visible_area() has not been run yet.

However, one such a case was gdk_window_process_updates(), which would
trigger the draw method at some point.  We now work around this
by factoring this in a new gtk_tree_view_bin_process_updates() function
that will run the presize handler first if needed.

Note: for other platforms, it might still be the case that the draw
method is called and validate_visible_area() has not been run yet.
(For example the Mac backend calls gdk_window_process_updates() from
the drawRect method, and the redraw-in-idle handling thus works
differently).  This does not seem to be a problem now, if
it will be in the future we need to take care of that then.
parent 4fc31dd8
......@@ -4390,8 +4390,6 @@ gtk_tree_view_bin_draw (GtkWidget *widget,
return TRUE;
validate_visible_area (tree_view);
style = gtk_widget_get_style (widget);
bin_window_width = gdk_window_get_width (tree_view->priv->bin_window);
......@@ -6451,6 +6449,21 @@ install_presize_handler (GtkTreeView *tree_view)
static void
gtk_tree_view_bin_process_updates (GtkTreeView *tree_view)
/* Prior to drawing, we make sure the visible area is validated. */
if (tree_view->priv->presize_handler_timer)
g_source_remove (tree_view->priv->presize_handler_timer);
tree_view->priv->presize_handler_timer = 0;
do_presize_handler (tree_view);
gdk_window_process_updates (tree_view->priv->bin_window, TRUE);
static gboolean
scroll_sync_handler (GtkTreeView *tree_view)
......@@ -8908,7 +8921,8 @@ gtk_tree_view_clamp_node_visible (GtkTreeView *tree_view,
/* We process updates because we want to clear old selected items when we scroll.
* if this is removed, we get a "selection streak" at the bottom. */
gdk_window_process_updates (tree_view->priv->bin_window, TRUE);
gtk_tree_view_bin_process_updates (tree_view);
gtk_tree_view_scroll_to_cell (tree_view, path, NULL, FALSE, 0.0, 0.0);
gtk_tree_path_free (path);
......@@ -10683,7 +10697,7 @@ gtk_tree_view_adjustment_changed (GtkAdjustment *adjustment,
gdk_window_process_updates (tree_view->priv->header_window, TRUE);
gdk_window_process_updates (tree_view->priv->bin_window, TRUE);
gtk_tree_view_bin_process_updates (tree_view);
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